Hiroaki Mori

Hiro Mori

Welcome! I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Hitotsubashi University.

My primary research intersts are in labor economics, with a particular focus on lifecycle human capital formation.

I am co-organizing the Industry and Labor Economics Workshop. Please feel free to contact me whenever you would like to visit us and present your research in the workshop.

Curriculum Vitae (PDF) E-mail

The Labor Market in Japan, 2000-2016

IZA World of Labor, 2017, 385: 1-11 (Joint with Daiji Kawaguchi).

PDF Link IZA Newsroom

Ageing and the Skill Portfolio: Evidence from Job Based Skill Measures

The Journal of the Economics of Ageing, 2016, 7: 89-103 (Joint with Audra Bowlus and Chris Robinson).

PDF Link Comments from Kevin Lang

Childhood Health and Lifecycle Human Capita Formation

Working Paper (PDF)

Labor Economics I - Syllabus (PDF)

Advanced Labor Economics I (Graduate) - Syllabus (PDF)